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Prestigious award for Civil Engineering graduate

The Barry van Wyk Award is present annually to the author of the best final year dissertation on a geotechnical topic at a South African university. Charles Warren-Codrington, who graduated with his BSc in Civil Engineering in 2011, received the award for his dissertation titled “An investigation into the stability of structures adjacent to bulk excavations for the University of Cape Town’s new engineering building.” Charles was supervised by Dr Denis Kalumba and is presently in his second year of his Master’s degree.

Prestigious Water Research Award

Congratulations to A/Professor Neil Armitage who received an award from the Water Research Commission for ‘Human Capital Development in the water and science sectors. This award is awarded to projects that have supported the training of postgraduate students or in its focus to train and mentor new research leaders.

A/Professor Armitage was acknowledged for growing the cross-disciplinary Urban Water Management group, as a research centre focused on sustainable urban drainage systems

 Image by Michael Hammond.

Best Paper Award

Mfundo Vezi, a master’s student in the Department of Civil Engineering, attended the South African National Committee on Large Dams (SANCOLD) conference which was held at Thaba’Nchu in early November. SANCOLD has been encouraging the participation of young engineers in the organisation and as an incentive a prize was given to the best paper prepared and presented by a young engineer. The recipient was Mfundo Vezi for his paper on Dynamic modelling of arch dams in the ambient state. 

Awarded the Wason Medal from the American Concrete Institute

Mr Mike Otieno (PhD student), Professor Mark Alexander, and Dr Hans Beushausen from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Cape Town were awarded the Wason Medal for Materials Research from the American Concrete Institute. The award was given for the paper they produced on “Suitability of Various Measurement Techniques for Assessing Corrosion in Cracked Concrete,” and appeared in the ACI Materials Journal, September-October 2010, pgs. 481-489

The Wason Medal for Materials Research was founded in 1917 by Leonard C. Wason, past president of ACI. It is awarded to a member or members of the Institute reporting, in a peer-reviewed paper published by the Institute, original research work on concrete materials and their use, or a discovery that advances the state of knowledge of materials used in the construction industry.

“This is in recognition of the high quality output of our research group, and of Mike Otieno in particular,” said Professor Alexander.