Bio-brick exhibited in an Austrian Museum

24 Feb 2020 - 13:15

UCT’s world-first bio-brick made using human urine is currently being exhibited at the MAK Design Lab in the Austrian Museum for Applied Arts/Contemporary Art in Vienna.

The museum focuses on crafts and design as well as architecture and contemporary art. The exhibition is linked to the Vienna Biennale 2019 theme “Brave new virtues. Shaping our digital world”.

The bio-brick, created in Dr Dyllon Randall’s lab,a senior lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering, signalled an innovative paradigm shift in waste recovery when it was unveiled by master’s student Suzanne Lambert in 2018. The exhibition is being hosted in the museum’s MAK Design Lab, a floor dedicated to contemporary design production. The bio-brick is among the many objects the curators have borrowed from contemporary designers, artists, technology researchers and others.