Prof George​ Ekama


  • Emeritus Professor


  • PhD, University of Cape Town (1978)
  • PGDipEng, University of Cape Town (1978)
  • BSc (Eng), University of Cape Town (1978)
Professional Affiliations
  • Fellow of the University of Cape Town (UCT)
  • Royal Society of South Africa (RoySoc)
  • South African Academy of Engineers (SAAE)
  • Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAfr)
  • UNESCO-IHE (Deflt), Distinguished fellow of the International water association (IWA)
  • Senior Fellow of the Water Institute of South Africa (WISA)
  • Order of Mapungubwe Silver (OMS) (2013)

Postgraduate Teaching: 

  • CIV5046Z (Sedimentation in water treatment)
  • CIV5047Z (Sewage sludge treatment)
  • CIV5048Z (Design of Biological nutrient removal)
  • CIV5049Z (Modelling and simulation of wastewater treatment)
  • CIV5050Z (Integrated wastewater treatment plant design)
  • CIV5052Z (Aquatic chemistry B - Advanced)

Research Affiliations:

  • Water Quality Engineering (WQE)

Publication Profile: 

Research Interests:

  • Integrated chemical, physical and biological processes element (CHONPS) mass balanced three phase (aqueous-gas-solid) plant wide industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant modelling
  • Energy recovery from concentrated organics waste streams in membrane and other anaerobic digesters
  • Impact of source separation of urine, enhanced primary separation, food waste discharge to sewer and return of sludge dewatering liquors on biological wastewater treatment, nutrient removal, effluent quality, anaerobic digestion and energy recovery
  • Biological sulphate reduction, autotrophic denitrification and other autotrophic bioprocesses with different sulphur, carbon and nitrogen compounds in industrial wastewater desulphurization and treatment
  • Saline sewage treatment arising from saline (sea) water toilet flushing