Professor Hans Beushausen

PhD, MSc (Eng), Dipl.-Ing. (HAW)


Hans Beushausen joined the University of Cape Town in 1999 after finishing his first degree on Structural Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) Hamburg, Germany. Following his MSc degree in Structural Engineering in 2000, he obtained his PhD in 2005. He currently holds the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, focussing his teaching efforts on the subjects of structural engineering and construction materials technology. He is a director of the Concrete Materials & Structural Integrity Research Unit (CoMSIRU) at UCT, which focuses on infrastructure performance and renewal research. His research interests include concrete durability, service life design of structures, and concrete repair technology. Professor Beushausen acts as a specialist industry consultant for condition assessment and repair of concrete structures, and manages the concrete materials testing in the Civil Engineering laboratory at UCT. 

Research interests

  • Durability of reinforced concrete structures
  • Material aspects
  • Durability testing
  • Durability design and specification
  • Reinforcement corrosion initiation and propagation
  • Performance assessment of concrete structures
  • Repair systems for concrete structures damaged by reinforcement corrosion
  • Bonded concrete overlays
  • Bond strength issues
  • Stresses due to differential volume changes
  • Specification and performance of concrete patch repair systems
  • Innovative concrete materials (internal curing methods, SCC)

Lectures: Undergraduate courses

  • Building Science (construction materials) (CIV1006S)
  • Structural Engineering 1: Analysis of statically determinate systems (CIV2031S)
  • Structural Engineering 3: SLS analysis of reinforced and prestressed concrete members (CIV3035S)
  • Structural Engineering 4: ULS analysis of reinforced concrete slabs (CIV4031F)

Lectures: Postgraduate courses

  • Advanced structural concrete engineering (CIV5006Z)
  • Structural concrete properties and practice (CIV5002Z)
  • Durability & condition assessment of concrete structures (CIV5116Z)
  • Repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures (CIV5120Z)


  • RILEM, International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures:
  • RILEM Regional Convener for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Technical Committee 230-PSC: Performance-based specification and design of concrete durability, Chairman
  • Editorial Advisory Committee for the Journal Materials and Structures
  • fib, International Federation for Structural Concrete:
  • fib National Member Group South Africa, Head of national delegation
  • Task Group 8.10: Performance-based specifications for concrete structures, Convenor
  • CSSA, Concrete Society of Southern Africa:
  • Western Cape Branch Committee
  • Editorial Board for the Journal Concrete Beton
  • Editor of the technical journal Concrete Plant International (CPI), published by ad-media, Germany
  • Editor of the technical journal Case Studies in Construction Materials, published by Elsevier 
  • Member of numerous Scientific Committees and Advisory Boards for international conferences on concrete technology

Milestones and awards

  • Organization of the International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting (ICCRRR), held in Cape Town in 2005, 2008 and 2012
  • College of Fellows Young Researcher Award (UCT, 2012)
  • Wason Medal for Materials Research (American Concrete Institute, 2012)
  • Merit Award (UCT, 2011)
  • Claude Leon Merit Award for Young Lecturers (UCT, 2010)

 Publications: overview

  • Peer-reviewed journal papers: 24
  • Peer-reviewed conference papers: 45
  • Chapters in scholarly books: 12
  • Editor of conference proceedings: 7
  • Non peer-reviewed journal papers: 3

Selected publications            

  • Beushausen, H., Burmeister, N. (2013), ‘The use of surface coatings to increase the service life of reinforced concrete structures for durability class XC’, Materials and Structures, accepted July 2013.
  • Beushausen, H., Gillmer, M. (2013), ‘The use of superabsorbent polymers to reduce cracking of bonded mortar overlays’, Cement and Concrete Composites, accepted for publication, December 2013
  • Beushausen, H., Chilwesa, M. (2013), ‘Assessment and prediction of drying shrinkage cracking in bonded mortar overlays’, Cement and Concrete Research,
  • Nganga, G., Alexander, M.G., Beushausen, H. (2013), ‘Practical Implementation of the Durability Index performance-based design approach’, Construction and Building Materials,
  • Otieno, M., Beushausen, H., Alexander, M.G. (2012), ‘Towards incorporating the influence of cover cracking on steel corrosion in RC design codes - the concept of performance-based crack width limits’, Materials and Structures, Vol. 45(12), pp. 1805-1816.
  • Bissonnette, B., Courard, L., Beushausen, H., Fowler, D., Trevino, M., Vaysburd, A. (2012), ‘Recommendations for the repair, the lining or the strengthening of concrete slabs or pavements with bonded cement-based material overlays’, Materials and Structures, August 2012
  • Moyo, P., Sibanda, B., Beushausen, H. (2012), ‘Modelling and integrity assessment of shear connectors in precast  - cast-in-situ concrete bridges’, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Vol. 42, No 1, April 2012.
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