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Geotechnical Engineering

Programme Convener: D Kalumba, BSc(Eng) Makerere MSc(Eng) Cape Town PhD Newcastle-upon-Tyne 

MSc in Engineering specialising in Geotechnical Engineering [EM024CIV08]

The master’s programme with a specialisation in Geotechnical Engineering is intended to support high level training and enhance both the technical skills of recent graduates or experienced personnel who work in, or aspire to a career in civil engineering construction, consulting, environmental and related industries. The primary purpose of the programme is to provide advanced conceptual understanding, detailed factual geotechnical knowledge and specialist technical skills appropriate for postgraduates who wish to widen their professional scope and work towards a career in the field of geotechnical engineering. 

Core courses

Number Course Credits
CIV5000Z Dissertation 120
CIV5109Z Dissertation Preparation 0
CIV5111Z Laboratory and Field Techniques 16
CIV5114Z  Foundation Design 16
CIV5122Z Advanced Soil Mechanics 16
END5050X Master’s journal paper 0
CHE5055Z Research Communication & Methodology 0
  Elective courses 12
  Total credits 180

Elective courses (minimum of 12 credits)

Number Course Credits
CIV5110Z Ground Improvement Techniques 16
CIV5123Z Contaminated Land and Remediation 16
CIV5124Z Geosynthetics Engineering 12
CIV5125Z  Lateral Earth Supports 16
CIV5126Z  Slope Stability 12


Master of Geotechnical Engineering [EM028CIV08]

The Master of Geotechnical Engineering (MGeotech) programme is a coursework and project oriented degree that is intended to provide graduate civil engineers and technical professionals an opportunity to acquire specialized expertise that is essential in the rapidly changing business, government, and industrial environment. This professional master’s degree programme is designed to aid in the development of graduates in their careers as geotechnical engineers through courses that offer in-depth understanding of the principles of geotechnical engineering as well as the necessary knowledge and skills to engage effectively in providing solutions to engineering challenges involving the ground control and ground stability in civil engineering construction projects.

Core courses

Number Course Credits Level
CIV5129W Geotechnical Engineering Project 45 09
CIV5110Z Laboratory and Field Techniques 16 09
CIV5114Z  Foundation Design 16 09
CIV5125Z Lateral Earth Supports 16 09
  Elective courses 90 09
  Minimum total credits 180  

Elective courses (minimum of 90 credits)

Number Course Credits Level
CIV5111Z Ground Improvement Techniques 16 09
CIV5122Z Advanced Soil Mechanics 16 09
CIV5123Z Contaminated Land and Remediation 16 09
CIV5124Z  Geosynthetics Engineering 16 09
CIV5126Z  Slope Stability 16 09
CIV5131Z Research Design and Methodology 16 09