Dr Sebastian Skatulla elected as Member of ISCCBE

25 Feb 2015 - 07:45

Dr Sebastian Skatulla in the Department of Civil Engineering has been elected as Member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ISCCBE) from 15 February 2015.

The objective of the ISCCBE is to encourage international cooperation, collaboration and exchange of ideas and information related to the beneficial use of computers in civil and building engineering. Activities of the ISCCBE include but not be limited to: encouraging the formation of National Committees by countries desiring membership in the ISCCBE and assisting in their formation; cooperating with other bodies whose aims are complementary to those of the Society; holding International Conferences on themes of general interest to the majority of the membership.

The ISCCBE conference is the leading forum in the area of information technology in civil engineering. The ISCCBE conference provides a unique opportunity for the professionals and researchers who are interested in computing in a wide range of civil and building engineering disciplines to come together. It is an event for learning, sharing and exchanging knowledge about the latest developments and research advances in this fast-paced field.