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Structural Engineering and Materials (SEM)

The programme offers high level training in structural design, structural analysis and structural materials by providing sound theoretical background and encouraging critical and innovative thinking. Students benefit from international level expertise in concrete technology, concrete durability, structural performance and design, computational mechanics and finite element analysis. The programme is supported by excellent laboratory and computing facilities and draws a lot from cutting edge research outputs. 
All programmes can be completed in two years full-time or over a maximum period of five years on a part-time basis. 
A candidate for the M(Eng) in Structural Engineering is required to complete 120 credits coursework and a 60 credit minor dissertation. A candidate for the MSc(Eng) is required to complete prescribed courses of a minimum value of 60 credits and a 120 credit research dissertation [EM024].

Programme Convener: Sebastian Skatulla, Dipl.-Ing. Karlsruhe, PhD Adelaide

Master of Engineering specialising in Structural Engineering [EM017CIV04] 

Core Courses (compulsory for EM024) 
Select at least two of the following courses:

Number Course Credits
CIV5108Z Advanced Mechanics of Materials 16
MEC5063Z  An introduction to Finite Elements 12
CIV5113Z Structural Dynamics with Applications  16

All courses HEQSF Level 9

Elective Core Courses (biannually)​

Number Course Credits
CIV5006Z Advanced Structural Concrete Engineering 16
CIV1085S Advanced Structural Steel Engineering 16

All courses HEQSF Level 9

Elective Courses

Number Course Credits
CIV5002Z Structural Concrete Properties and Practice 16
CIV5100Z Plate and Shell Structures Part A 16
CIV5119Z Structural Performance Assessment and Monitoring 16
MEC5064Z Finite Element Analysis 12
CIV5120Z Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures 20
CIV5106Z Durability and Condition Assessment of Concrete Structures 20
CIV5041Z Bridge Analysis and Design 16

All courses HEQSF Level 9

Enrichment Courses (compulsory for MSc)

Number Course Credits
CHE5055Z Research Communication and Methodology 20

All courses HEQSF Level 9

Additional courses can be selected from the postgraduate programme of the University of Stellenbosch or from CERECAM at UCT.