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Urban Infrastructure Design and Management

(The programme is closed to new applicants. Students currently registered for the programme will be permitted to continue provided they will have completed their coursework requirement by March 2017, and are registered for their dissertation / minor dissertation.)

The Department, in collaboration with departments in EBE and other faculties, offers an inter-disciplinary programme leading to MPhil (Urban Infrastructure Design and Management).

To complete the MPhil Urban Infrastructure: Design and Management programme, a student requires 4 core modules and 2 elective modules (i.e. 6 in total) and the Minor Thesis. Part time students are permitted to do a maximum of 4 modules per year. Students can start the coursework component of the Programme with any course, but it is strongly advised to start with the module Developing Cities: Issues and Strategies (CIV5065Z) which is usually given in February/March each year. The programme can be completed in 18-24 months.

Each module entails a week of lectures, tutorials and group work in Cape Town; one or more assignments; and in some cases, an examination.

For further information please also visit the African Centre for Cities.

Convener: Prof Neil Armitage, PrEng BSc(Eng) Natal​ MSc(Eng) Cape Town PhD Stell FSAICE FWISA FSAIMunE Mem IAHR Mem IAHS FIWA

Postgraduate academic administrative enquiries: Ms Rowén Geswindt (email: rowen.geswindt@uct.ac.za)

The primary aim of the MPhil specialising in Urban Infrastructure Design and Management is to produce graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage effectively with Developing Cities: Issues and strategies; Community Development, Urban Renewal, Sustainable Urban Systems, Advanced Infrastructure Management and Information Technology in urban infrastructure provision.​

Master of Philosophy specialising in Urban Infrastructure Design & Management [EM027CIV03]

Professor and Programme Convener: Prof Neil Armitage, PrEng BSc(Eng) Natal​ MSc(Eng) Cape Town PhD Stell FSAICE FWISA FSAIMunE Mem IAHR Mem IAHS FIWA

A central issue for both South Africa and the broader African continent is the delivery of urban services and infrastructure to rapidly growing urban populations, such that they are enabled to live and work in sustainable and integrated environments. This Master’s programme, leading to an MPhil in Urban Infrastructure Design and Management, is aimed at building capacity among those in government and the private sector who are committed to the future of African cities and to the servicing of particularly poorer inhabitants. The programme has a strong inter-disciplinary focus, as the Faculty believes that urban problems can only be addressed through an integration of approaches which come from specific disciplinary backgrounds. To obtain the MPhil degree students are required to complete four core modules, two electives and the minor dissertation.

The core courses for this specific programme will not be offered in 2017 & 2018.

Core Courses

Number Course Credits
CIV5037Z Minor Dissertation 60
CIV5064Z Urban Transitions in the Global South 20
CIV5065Z Urban Renewal 20
END5042Z Sustainable Urban Systems 20
END5043Z Community Development 20

Elective Courses (select 40 credits)​

Number Course Credits
CIV5067Z Advanced Infrastructure Management 20
CIV5107Z Integrated Urban Water Management 20
CON5016Z Project Implementation and Management 20
CIV5036Z Local Area Transport Planning, Management & Design 20
CIV5038Z Integrated Land-Use & Transport Planning 20
  Total credits 180